ArbPortraitMy name is Jamie Budnick, and I am a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I am broadly interested in how scientists construct knowledge about young women’s non-heterosexualities. My research focuses on inclusion, measurement, and the implications of disconnecting pleasure and risk within demographic survey research on sexuality, and on how constructionist conceptions of sexuality are faring in the wake of the “born this way” episteme.

I completed my MA in sociology in 2013, and graduate certificates in LGBTQ Studies in 2014 and Science, Technology, & Society in 2016. I am an affiliate of the Population Studies Center at Michigan’s Institute for Social Research, where I have been a part of the Relationship Dynamics & Social Life (RDSL) study since 2008. I will periodically update this site as my work develops – thanks for visiting!